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here are some of my sketches via my iPad.
all art is copyrighted by me and therefore not for use ... unless you get my premission.

c 2011 By Mary Berardini                                                           Buddha at Rest
                                                                                     Spirit Art Portrait for a friend.

c2011 by Mary Berardini                                              Inner Sanctuary

Spirit Art Divine Inspirations

Sometimes we all can use a little Divine here are some of my new pieces
                                         in a new series called

                                           Divine Inspirations

                                Mystic Blessings                         @2008

    The 'Sunflower' is a symbol of Faith, Hope and Devotion to the Spiritualists.
In this image I incorporated my knowledge of
and layered many to make
the center of the repersents the rug of life.... enjoy

                                    you can buy it as a mug at



                                   Blessed Mother                              @2008

  I feel a real connection to our Blessed Mother...I will be doing more with Her...
this piece incorporates one of my first photoshop pieces,  'Lady Madonna'...enjoy


                                                              Enlightenment                                   @2008

    A couple of my fractals combined to make this a child my family traveled through  Asia and I remember sitting at the foot of the "Golden Buddha" and
seeing beautiful  color every where. I still hold with me the peace I felt than.


  CHECK OUT OTHER PAINTINGS ON ALL OF MY will love them...enjoy!!! 
   Most of these are Digital enhanced pieces. I have been an artist my whole life and work with
   multi mediums, watercolor, acrylic, pencil and ink and now digital!

     DarK Angel                                                                                       copyright 2008 rev mary
                this is a digital Spirit Art piece using multi layers in photoshop. the focus is on the wings and temple.
                One can always find their way back to the Light. 

    Mystic Dragonfly                                                                                @2007  rev.mary
           Digital Art piece.  Dragonflies are mystical creatures that are "light workers"
           bringing healing and change to all who can catch them...and play with them.

Dragonflly Mandala                            Mystic Lightworkers                         c08

I love Dragonflies and as do many healers and new age practioners. This piece,
I am blessed to create for it puts a peaceful feeling within one as you meditate. 


Splash of Color Me Divine

       Mystic 8                                           C   mb08
                   An abstract of color  from a new series
                                 caleed "Infinite Light"


Mystic Creation                   copyright 2008


flutterby                              @2007

Between Heaven and                  @2007

 Painted Dancr                                  @2007

Create Beauty                                 @2008

Lady Madonna                         copyright 2007

Honor Self                                    @2005

Honor the little Things              @2008

Serenity                                         @2008

            Yes                             @2008



    EXCAIBER AWAKES                               @2007 mary

Lilac Dragon                                                     @2007 mary

         The Guardians  (greeting card)                                               @2007


                  This piece was very fun. It includes my first anime manga girl.
                        Took several weeks to finish, the dress took time, very fun to do.
       She will be in a couple of more pieces.   She is magical!   I learned how to make Manga 
         animation from the best Photoshop tuturiol sites there is... go and experience
         Photoshop Talent web site for yourself

OR want yourself made into a manga anime
fairy, alien or elf warrior, contact me

Just a close up head shot is required and than let my magical
imagination begin.... you will enjoy this portrait for many years to come.   priced the same as portraits

Spirit Art Portrait page link

Another Sample of anime

   A friend's daughter who loves cartoons and anime
  so I made her into her tattoo that she has on her back
  which is on her arm....


From Other Worlds

My 1st  alien in photoshop

 a head and hand shot of me

"Oh, I love photoshop and the new creativie pallet of imagination I can explore.


email me

and I'll make you into a being from another planet.   
 ( prices same as Spirit Art Portrait)  

 Allison before and after


  SNAKE TATTOOED                   copyrighted 08


                    Window Seat                                                                     @2008


Please do not use any image or part or likeness without the consent of the artist...Thank you

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