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all copyrighted 2007 -2015 -

Most of all my art work is done on my iPad.

We are all changing into the New Energy Shift
here is my up dated self portrait

Me-Engaging Life                     Copyrighted 2013    

The following are samples of pieces  

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beyond the etheric      by me         (rev. mary           copyrighted 2012)

Spirit Message Art from my iPad using just a finger tip.  Spirit forced me to go back to the basics of painting.... my computer blew up... little did I realize that I would find a great medium for customers to enjoy their own Spirit and have the piece available that day,
sent via email.... most of these took about an hour to do the simple ones...


2011 was an enjoyable time for me ... and here are some pieces that show what I do out and about at shows.

(all images are copyrighted by me, you must seek permission to any or part of these images)

 Because they were for Individuals, no titles are present... the titles are for the recipient only.






A few others are placed through out my website.... these are just a few
I have over 250 portraits out and about and it is soooooo hard to choose which ones to show you.  As you see,  I  have different styles and techniques and very different blessed Spiritual paths for all.

They are fun to do and fill me with hope, joy and light..... as long as I am connected, I will
be pleased to do a piece for you.... Please scroll through this page and enjoy your journey.

Rev Mary

more Spirit Art Portraits

Enjoy your very own  Spirit Art Portrait
or a Divine Inspirational work of Art

"My Spirit Odyssey"   self portrait    Mary B c2009



Commemorative Spirit Art Poster by me

  New Moon Dancer                                                    Mary B. copyrighted 2010


and may "the Force be with you".




                                                     copyright 07 rev. mary

                                                      rev. jane and  bubba

                                                           "infinity in love"

the original photo

As a professional Medium, I have been blessed to work with some very talented & gifted Spirit Messengers and Rev. Jane is one.   We worked many shows together and she has inspired me to teach, empower through speaking tours and continue being a medium, psychic and above all else the Spirit Message Artist that I am.  This was a gift from me to her...."OMG, Mare. Thank you!!!!! You are so did you make this?...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!"

A Spirit Art Portrait can be yours from ColorMeDivine

     Spirit Art has greatly expanded as a unique art venue for the modern artist.  I utilize all my skills as a messenger to bring a fundamental spiritual dimension to each of my Spirit Art works and portraits.  I believe in the Divine Inspiration in all.  

If you are interested in a SPIRIT ART PORTRAIT for yourself or for a friend  contact  me, Rev. Mary, at

                    [email protected]

I will need to ask a few questions so that I can connect to your special Spirit Art Portrait guide.  


             8x10 matted to 11x14 approx  $150.00
                       5x7 matted to 8x10     $100.00

                      frames are available, black gallery style,
                                             adds $100.00++plus
                                            Giclee prints available for $75 plus
                                           long lasting quality, price quote 
                                                         canvas or archival paper
                                            prices very per print and frame

 IPad Spirit Message Art
            2 x  5 x 7 prints & digital file   $150.00 
 ( may or may not be full full color-
                                  other sized prints vary on creation and paper type)

 A $30.00(non-refundable) deposit is due at placement of order and balance is due when piece is finished, allow 4-6 weeks.   I will e-mail you sample of finished piece.   (If you want a jpeg file to use on your website or in print media, additional $50.00- I still hold copyrights- $499.00 and you will hold copyright for 5 years ask me for additional info.)

more  Spirit Art Portrait  samples

"Amy Can Dance"   

MB @2008

From a sister toa sister for a birthday gift.

This is a sample of the work in progress...this finished piece is very close just with some depth...

Both  were very pleased with the information and meanings that came through...


This was a very fun piece to work on

Please scroll down and see more Spirit Art Portraits 


copyright 2007                        john's nieces                                        by rev.mary

     lit'l princess                    copyright 2007

Do want to  give a special gift of their
1st birthday, 1st dance or 1st porm.


 A Grandma ordered as gift- special requests are OK, like Unicorns for her
favorite lit's princess. 








Spirit Dancer    copyright 2007


      The Porm                C 08










 The Dreaming Empress                                               copyrighted 2010


Hearts' Song                                 copyrighted 2008

THE ABOVE portrait is again a gift from friend to friend.  The woman is in Spirit and her husband was gifted this piece to touch his heart and bring him love from the Other Side.


Hear Your Song                             copyrighted 2008



the original of Tom

 The ABOVE portrait was a gift to REV. TOM of Spirit Speaks by me to say thank you to him for always believing in me.




                              copyrighted 2011 MB


 AND yes, I can make a portrait of your four-legged children too...

          Maxi, ball.  See ball.                                                            copyrighted 2010



Someone Ringing the Bell                                                           copyrighted 08             

 THE above piece was gifted from someone to her friend of a best friend who had passed. She would be the mermaid, and she is holding her favorite puppy- that i made into a seal.  This piece had many meanings for the recipient as she writes back.....

RESPONSE FROM RECIPIENT of the above portrait

Mary~~Do you have any idea...really any idea what a blessing you are ?
 The portrait is BEAUTIFUL!!! INSPIRING.....FULL OF LOVE......Captures so much that you will never fully understand..... and yet 
                                                                  somehow I know you know this....
 I am blessed, and ever so grateful for the beautiful is healing, energy provoking, inspiring..... I count you in my blessings from the universe......I am so blessed!!
                          THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.....
I just know that each piece that you do for anyone is so much more than you will ever know..... you are so gifted, so beautiful!!!
With Love

 AND More Portraits
 Mandy's Dream                                                                       mb 08

When families loose loved ones ...Spirit Art Portrairts are a wonderful way to keep their loved one close and to see their on

having your favorite

card as your

Spirit Art Portrait

THE HIGH PRIESITESS                                                        C08 by revmary
A beautiful gift from a mother to daughter on her 18th
birthday....though this is a Tarot card...there was some special
messages for her in this portrait....

Why a Spirit Art Portrait?

To answer several  questions...

                      For those who understand Spirit Messages, Thank you....
           Most of all, it is a beautiful magical fantasy piece of digital art that will
           become a family heirloom.

      A Spiritual Why...
                       Spirit Message Art can be  the ulitmate gift you can give to yourself or a loved
                  one is a Divine Inspirational Spirit Art Portrait which represents the unique creation
                  of a person's energy and all their beauty....and connection with Spirit.

      How do you focus on the images and make the magical life pieces...

           I go into a meditation, and prayer ceremony and repeat the person's name
           over and over, than I open my eyes and hand sketch out what I saw and continue
           to see....via my guides and the person's guides. I than open my computer art programs
           and take the picture given to me and and start the magical digital transformation...

     Why digital and not by hand?

            I have painted by hand many beautiful Spirit Art Creations and have sold and gifted 
            many over my artistic lifetime..(about 30years).... and I still do some or part by hand

            I now choose to work with Digital Art because of the fine artistic values & mediums
            that can be worked with and  transformed in almost an instant.  These beautiful
            digital pieces of fine art are unique and just as creative as a hand painted piece.
            It can take just as long to work with each digital pixal as by hand...the best part,
            the "backstep" button, just in case you don't like the color  or the step...and the
            the special art piece can be printed in any canvas size or medium and can be
            hand touched up with a varity of art mediums, like pencil, pen, acrylic, etc....

            and I like to keep the cost down so all can have and enjoy....

            I love this new and exciting art venue - Digital ART!!!!!!

      Can we state that we want the person or person to be an angel or fairy?

             Yes, I am open to specific requests ... most orders let me go through
              the meditation process first to see what I get ....and yet others have asked
              for specific orders like alien, mermaids, knights, pagan, egyptian realms, etc 
              I honor all...
              if I should get something else,  I do have to communicate this and let the
              person make the final decision.... most love the changes......

       What if I don't like the images or final piece you came up with???

             Well, so far, that has not happend, but I do get the question...
             so....... Since, I do not ask for final payment until you receive a via email
             a sample of half of the piece.  So, if you are not wowed...we will communicate
             the piece ...and adjust...

             if not,
             the deposit is non-refundable....and though it really does not cover the time spent,
             it is all that I have had no other costs.....

         I hope this helps and if you have any other questions please feel free to ask!!!!!!
                                             [email protected]

ENJOY another sample


sample of a piece in the process...

Imagine if you could be
in a Spiritual dimension

or in someone's meditation?????? 





 and the final piece

Three Mystic Healers                                                                      copyright 2008

remember this piece repesented a mediation session these three women had....amazing
the synchronicity they expierenced. 


Please do not use any image or part or likeness without the consent of the artist...Thank you


As a Spirit Art Messenger and a Jungian oriented Spiritualist, the world of symbolism is my main territory. I have been doing Spirit Message Art readings for a while now.


Spirit Message Art samples
        Family, events, dates
        and/or  totem animals and guides…. 


                             AVAILABLE FOR HOME PARTIES AND EVENTS

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