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Spirit Art by Rev. Mary

MOST OF ALL THE FOLLOWING WERE DONE FOR CLIENTS in 2011 to current - either at a fair or at a private setting.   I am very blessed to be a Spirit Art Messenger and to assist individuals with the spiritual journey through me Spirit Message Art.   Scroll through the images and feel the healing source. Namaste 


search into self.                                                                 rev. mary  copyrighted 2012


 if tears could                                                                          rev. marycopyrighted 2012







wake up angel...    copyrighted 2012 rev. mary



2012 Spirit Art Samples by me - Rev. Mary

Again I feel very blessed to play around with Spirit and my new art medium the iPad.

Here is a sprinkling of pieces I did this year - some were for clients and others were just for fun!

I hope to have greeting cards printed up and in stores by this winter... you can check out some prints on zazzle or cafe press

all pieces are copyrighted 2012 - if you love a piece and think you would want it for your website or other... please contact me.

AND NOW ENJOY .... More of my works ...
and healing energies from the images

intelligence                                       rev. mary berardini   copyrighted 2012

metaphorical angel                                                rev. mary berardini  c2012

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My Message Art Sketches from 2015 for clients