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The Sacred World of Mandalas

spirit of the tiger- mandala                                                  copyrighted rev. mary 2012
Was created on my iPad4 using the sketch club app. This is a very fun art app that I do most of a my works with. I have switched from paper and canvas  to digital art and love the creations that I am making. I feel very blessed to create.  enjoy!

Mandalas are sacred circle instruments used in many religious cultures as meditation tools...It is said to of Hindu origin, but mandalas have been a staple  in other  religions, including Native Americans and  Buddhism


We see today, a resurrection of the mandalas from the 
Tibetan branch of Vajrayana Buddhism, from their sandpainting. In practice, mandala has become a generic term for any plan, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically and  symbolically of the Universe from the human perspective. In today's New Age, many healers, artist and lightworkers are drawn to them to blance their energies and to help them focus on higher energy sources, such as the "Great Spirit" and the Universal Flow... I will be posting some of my mandala samples here.....Bless

Here is a site that shows how the Monks make their sand mandalas

if you would like more historic info on Mandalas please go to this link

If you would like to make your own go to

2012 brought around a new love for the spirit connection with mandalas. The following were done on my iPad with just my finger tip. Enjoy.

scared reflections.                                                copyrighted 2012
When this one was being created I thought of his holiness... Dalai Lama... and felt his kindness... may you feel him too and you meditate on this piece.  Namaste~

       star essence                                       copyrighted  rev. mary 2012
Our cosmic connection is unique to everyone - this was made for a client at a show.
a combination of mandala and form.

 awestruck prism ~ mandala                                  Rev. Mary  Copyrighted 2012

This one was fun to do. It is full of color and vibrance, it will move all your chakras at once and balance them back to center - green - the true balance of life.   Done on my iPad4. 


 Please take a look at my other Mandalas. These where done back in 2008
        Keep scrolling first ones are OK
        Than I got the hang of creating them..........enjoy

                                                     My Mandalas                                                              

Meditation of the Higher Self                "seek and you shall find....."       one of my digital firsts


 Chakra Angel Mandala                                                    "spread your wings and just be..."

As you have may already noted the Angel is on my top banner. Many years ago, almost ten now, I did a series of angels in simple abstract form....and this one is one of my favorites because it incorported crystals too.   So this past week I updated it's look into a Mandala.

 Angel Blessings                                                    a variation on  Chakra Angel Mandala

A mandala to help stimulate the essense in all..
changing conscious awareness to create healing, manifesting or transforming.changing conscious awareness to create healing, manifesting or transforming.


 Batik Blessings   Mandala                                                                             copyrighted 08

                                                                I'm starting to get the hang of the program


 Butterfly Song  Mandala                                                                            copyrighted 08

  This will spark a smile on your face. It was made in the mandala painter...
I love color, and hope you do to.
Green butterflies mean you are a natural teacher, parent and health care worker...the center star burst is your inner child is singing its own song
a song of love, now filled

LOVE this Mandala
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 Turquoise Miracle                                                                             copyrighted 08

  Pretty One                                                                                            copyrighted 08


                                                                  Butterfly Mandala                c2008



Mandala - I AM                                                                         Mary B.  copyrighted 2008
The above mandala "I Am" shows up on a lot of websites -
those that took it - did not  ask  - I AM grateful to those that do ask.






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