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Many Spiritual people and artists are finding themselves drawn to FRACTALS and their beautiful patterns.  (ok, so I'm a little late in playing with fractals)
 I find that  I  play/draw with fractals for the colors and higher vibrations that help me to create not only fractals but after a session with these mystic  fractals, I than can create other pieces of work in my Spiritual Art quest.                    

Fractals are unique geometric mathmatic patterns that is repeated over and over at ever smaller or larger to create irregular shapes and patterns.   Much like the lotus blossom and cells do on their own.  Computer programs are used today especially in most designed pieces but some  do them by hand....The scope of Fractals and even Mandalas on a spiritual level will only truly come to us when we pass, but here in this realm we who creative these exclusive enteric bodies of art feel a real connection to the Universal  Soul.    

Check out the following site  for better definition of Fractals
or check out the following

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Through Dragonfly Eyes                                           maryb c 09

My Fractal Gallery                                      

So my jouney with fractals the first one are simple than once I figured out the formulas, OMG, what fun I am having with these mystical fractal cordinates.

I am incorporating my fractals into my spirit art pieces...a few are in "she who honors the spirit of the land" and many more to follow.     thank you


Current Fractals ... I am getting the hang of it....














Ocean Fun "Under the Sea"                                                                            Maryb  c08
                                                     or A Different Ponit of View                             




























Inner Soul                                                                                                       maryb c09

Into the Thorn Bush                                                                                             Maryb 08

Just Fun to go Around                                                                                         maryb  08











Tripping                                                                                     maryb                     c 08

my first fractal pieces going into my Fun with Fractals


bubbles                                                        c08

navajo basket                                                  c08

fun with color                                           c08

chain                                                         c08

isis                                                               c08

light bright                                                c08

robot dragonfly                                         c08

mystic clover                                              08









the base for I Am                see Spirit gallery 

buddha                                    c08

mandala series                                c08

mandala series                               c08

chakra 2                                     c08

wow2                                               c08

chakra expansion                                 c08




 iron cross series








Roots                                                             08