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 Allegheny Candles and New Age Shop

 Is a family owned metaphysical shop offers spiritual products to help you on your sacred journey including psychic development and divination tools, ritual supply, feng shui products, mystical jewelry, gifts, clothing and home


 Psychic's Thyme

Psychic's Thyme ~ Your Passport to the Unusual!

Ancient mysteries are workrd here.                       (We are just glad the store returned home)



For the Ultimate Healing and Spiritual Fair

 attend  New Moon Expo Fair

  in Rochester NY   Oct 23 & 24, 2016

           for the mind , body and soul....





 Here is a wonder site for interest in Upsate NY


Great Fairs, and Color Me Divine
is proud to be a vender at their events!



The Temple Of Sacred Sound     "AH and Om"

A beautiful temple to visit and meditate to the sounds of Spirit...see for yourself.
Sound vibration is another element to uniting  yourself to Spirit.



 Teachers and Readers

?Draw Me a Tree? readings
 by Rev. Mary,

As a tree-reading expert, Spirit Message Artist and handwriting analyst, I have helped many find out what their tree reveals about themselves. Tree readings can yield astonishing information about a person, their life and where they are headed.      Very Fun to DO!

            So, why not draw me a tree!



 Rev. Jane

"Seance / Circle / Trumpet" Everything you need to know to start and maintain your own seance is published and ready to go. See the Seance / Circle / Trumpet page to get your copy.

Rev Jane teaches many topics in Erie and at Lily Dale. You can also purchase this book at 'The Bookstore' in Lily Dale, New York.

New Book by Rev. Jane

Go to her site - Jane is a Certified Healer, Certified Medium, Certified Teacher and Spiritualist Minister.





As a Spiritual Life Coach, she teaches people how to become empowered and deliberately create their lives by understanding the Law of Attraction.  She will also a soon to be published author.


        Spirit Speaks Show with Rev. Jane and Rev. Mary             Auras


The Spirit Speaks TV Show

in Erie, PA is a fabulous cable TV program that covers all aspects of Spirituality and introduces the TV audiences to wonderful Mediums, Healers, Readers, Teachers and more

             Hosted By Rev. Jane and Rev. Tom



In Rochester, NY

Plymouth Spiritualist Church 
"The Mother Church of Modern Spiritualism," located in Rochester, New York.
please visit our website for servies and classes


In Pennsylvania

Ministry of the Spirit

with Rev. Tom
Combined Unity, Healing and Message service. Developement
classes in Healing and Mediumship. The Chruch has a TV Show
called Spirit Speaks.

 and in Canada

Divine Light Temple
with Rev. Joe
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada 
The Temple conducts a weekly Divine Service on Sunday evening.
There is class education with a focus on mediumship development.
The 'Spiritual Healing Course', with certification, in ongoing.
If you're interested please register at Course Registration.
All levels of Mediumship Development began September 2008





John"JD"Aricchi                                                                  A Good Firend who is very talented with pastels. I pushed him to do a show in Dubois, Pa about 7 years ago and he has been creating ever since.  (CLICK ON BANNER TO SEE HIS WORKS) The Ethereal Art of JD.Aricchi What will YOURS look like?



Vir Testa is a talented photogragher and seamstress.  She has found her path in sewing beautiful renaissance purses and scarves.  These velvet beauties will become heirlooms.   Check out her wedding collection.         


Rick & Tina's    Silent-Echoes

Angels, Angels and more Angels

I met Tina and Rick at the Twin Lakes Art Festival in PA over the fouth of July.  I was very moved by their art and their personal story of surving Katrina....I love their work because it looks like pieces I did 12 years ago plus, by hand......They have a unique calling and their art is a combined effort of both.....and please do check out their web site...You will be moved....
and Blessed!




SpiritFind          this is nice directory to use
Spiritual Web Directory


Medium Find       great site to find other mediums
Spiritual Web Directory

A New Age Directory




BOOK STORES and Empower Sites

The Llewellyn Encyclopedia



Visit The Bleep Store for Divine Inspirational movies and books.

If you have not watched "What the Bleep"  do will bring a new meaning to life, the universe and the Divine to you.  Visit the Bleep Store

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