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Understanding Color 

Color Me Divine colors you Divine with color and their meanings.  The Great Creator had a formula with all elements in making this universe and our planet earth full of color.
In all my art pieces, I try to work with color and focus on the meaning, frequency and vibration of each color.  

                           All Color is Divine

                                   A COLOR WHEEL

                      To learn about auras, chakras and color meanings click here 



                                                The Color Definition

The wonderful world of Color is starting to get a well deserved recognition in the holistic field today.  From color therapy to aura balancing, many are seeing the use of color in spiritual and healing work.  The Egyptians and many of the older cultures used color to heal, empower and control their societies from birth to death.  The Mayans believed color represented Spirit and that the macaws were The Great Spirit, only the kings and high priests were allowed to wear these beautiful feathers.      
Note the three primary colors…




 Today most of the color work is established through crystal, light, clothing, aura, and chakra work. Edgar Casey realized that color was a part of the Spiritual being and began studying and teaching this before his transition.  We get many of the current therapies  and practices from the Ayurvedic healing system and chakra understanding by way of the Westren cultures .


 Many physical and  spiritual color reactions are due to the

 vibrational and frequency levels of each color of the rainbow spectrum including black and white.   Sometimes colors create a physical reaction -red has been shown to raise blood pressure, while bright pink is used in high profile jails to calm inmates and at other times it is a cultural reaction -in the U.S. white is for weddings, in some Eastern cultures, white is the color for mourning and funerals. Colors follow decorative trends as well- sage (green) or brown taupe , is synonymous with the 90’s in the minds of some consumers to bring serenity to rooms in the house ( I love my shabby chic).  Bright oranges and dark grays have become popular in the 2000’s to bring harmony and creativity, pale blue healing.  Each color has specific meanings. Look around you the next time you step into your favorite coffee shop or hair salon, the colors are there for a reason, see the trends.


To understand the color meaning first we must re- visit the

Color Wheel  (remember from art class)



Color Relationships

In addition to understanding color meanings, it helps with mixing and matching colors to know the relationship of adjacent, complementary, and contrasting  colors.  Sir Isaac Newton developed the first circular diagram of colors in the late 1600”s, even DaVinnci had theories. Today holistic practioners, scientists and artists have studied and designed numerous variations of this concept.  I have been working on a color wheel too, these last couple of years to give a clue into one’s wellbeing.



The Color Basics

                                          RED< YELLOW>BLUE

                        The Primary Colors

    These  3 primary colors  can not  be mixed or formed by any    
                combination of other colors…very inspirational.







    and yet these three colors make up every color of the rainbow
 by combining whole or various mixes...these divine
 three    colors also make up the colors black and white.  And really think  about the color of brown.

These three colors are the colors are in our eye cones and rods that  bring together the beautiful pictures in our minds, just like they are 3 pixals that make up your televsion and computer's screens to bring about the images we watch.

So, not only are the colors Red, Blue and Yellow useful, but their are part of a greater Divine theory.   

So, let us look in to the basic meaning of each Divinity Color   ( I started  referring the three primary colors as Divinity colors three years ago…it is just something I feel and know in my heart to be true.)


RED        a color of love                                needed to SURVIVE

                a color of grounding                                      think,  what do you have that is red?

                a color of protection                                             front house doors, red roses


BLUE       a color of peace                               needed to communicate

                  a color of healing                                   what do say that is  blue

                  a color of authority                                                the sky, water



YELLOW     a color of joy                            needed to just be…to live

                      a color of awareness                                what do you see that is yellow

                      a color of intelligence                                    the sun………

                                                                                   Yellow is the key to all Life



 Which of one the three divine colors  are you drawn to....something to think about ....I know I have and I am drawn to the color blue,

when combined with red and yellow make my favorite colors green and purple...



The Secondary Colors

When the three primary colors are mixed with each other

they create what are called secondary colors

These color are



           And then when these secondary  colors are mixed with

                      the three Divine Primary Colors we get


Tertiary Colors 




                Mystic 8                     by  me                       copyright     2008 

 If you love this piece , go to the following link and
 purchase  a framed copy


 Colors also go from high frequency to high vibrations...  from infared to ultra voilet rays...yellow is the only one that stays balanced.  And let us not forget radio and cosmic rays. Sciencetists are studying the relationship of color to these.



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