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Animal Totem  Spirit Art

Experience your own ANIMAL TOTEM Spirit Art by Rev. Mary
or have one of these Digital Animal Totem Images by her, 
be reproduced for you ... 

Your Animal Totem is a sacred gift from nature and Spirit. enjoy ...namaste

Animal Totem Medicine ART


 Wolf Medicine                        @2008

                                             Strength, Loyalty, Success, Guidance

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Wolf Medicine                   c08

Iron Wolf               c08

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                Wolf Spirit Mandala           @08

Crow Medicine                             @08
magic, messenger, creativity, part of spiritual tribe 

mystic coffee crow

Sacred Smudge Fan     c08

made for a mug




Other Spirit Path Images


She Who Sings Spirit                   copyrighted 2008


 This is a series of Images
  "Spirit Walkers"

Honoring my Native American
heritage and family ancestors.


Limited edition prints
greeting cards







 She who Honors the Spirit of the Land                        copyrighted 2008

More to follow for The Spirit Walker Series... I honor my ancestors who lived on this plain and who honored life, mother earth and our Great Spirit.  This piece I Honor the Navajo women, who are the keepers of the land.    In this piece I have incorporated factral art.     Bless.


Want your very own "Spirit Walker" portrait made of you or you loved ones?...How about combining your Animal Totems with Spirit Walker.

email            [email protected]


My Spirit Art images at American Frames

Please check out American Frame for some of my Spirit Art is for sell can pick frame , canvas or paper....enjoy....more images to be posted....


Become One With Nature with a Animal Totem Spirit Reading

Divination and intuitive insights come to us via many ways and Totem Animals are just one of these blessing that are gifted to us through the sacred animals and nature.
 Learn about your Animal Totem Spirit Guides

  With this special

                         Totem Animal Spirit Art

                               By Rev. Mary Berardini

Copyright 2007 

Supply only a picture (regular photo or digital file) and my guides will show me the Spirit Animals that make up your very own story.  And I will create your very own bead band, that represents you here in this time. Each digital master piece will be accompanied  with a animal meaning sheet and a reading to your animal totems.

         5x7 matted to8x10  color pc– $100.00                                                     8x10 canvas Giclee print -$150.00

  What makes your portrait even more unique is that Rev. Mary will hand touch up with pencil and paints to make your portrait a  of a one of a kind work of art                              
                   allow 4-6 weeks for shippent  you will be notified of the process
              Contact Mary     [email protected]      585-738-3667

 $30 deposit payment at order, balance paid in full at time of shipment-                                             (visa/mc/check)


Remember, your journey to find your Animal Totems is a Sacred Journey and  must be honored. 
The anmials I gift to you  through my guides and yours are telling your story and lessons to learn. Blessings
more samples of work








 Note the bead work band is made for each individual telling their story, here in this time

I hold sacred the journey that each must take to find their animals, this totem  helps to guide one through their own journey, bless


Each Totem Animal Portrait might contain also
artifacts...pottery, medicine bags etc...unique
to each person...enjoy

Totem Animal Portrait                           @2008


Knowing your Animal Totem and fetish meaning  is a spiecal journey for all to expierence in this life time. 

Please let me help you on your journey... namaste

 Animal Totem Reading  is for entertainment only, and  the portrait is a beautiful work of art...

Painted Drums

Drumming is a sacred event that adjusts your vibration with the universal flow.  There has always been drumming circles in many indigenous cultures, and now there has been a new life to drumming from circles to healing groups..
visit the following links


I  am Honored to be  asked again to paint on these sacred sound vessels...
Your drum is special to your energy, honor yourself by having a unique spiritual totem symbols
painted on that repersent you...your Spiritual energies...whether you  own one, or purchase one from a sacred drum maker, I will be honored to paint the drum with prayer and ceremony.

want yours or one painted, email me at     [email protected]

CRYSTAL CALLING                                  
12 inch Shaman Drum  (goat skin)  with amethyst cluster, crows and a goddess painted in a very primitive style with acrylic paints.    

Walking with Strength

7 inch Hoop drum (pig skin) painted with Totem Animals on it to give strength and wellness, also painted in a primitive style  

The drums I paint for sell in my store are more for novelty decorative display, (I keep there sizes at 12 in or less) These special drums were purchased from Mission Del Rey, the family has made it their life path to help many native tribes ...


Animal & Fetish  and Color Meanings

   Please click on the following links to find out more on Animal Totem  and color meanings

      More about Animal Totem & Fetishes                          More about Color meanings


will be adding shopping soon

DO You want to learn how to communicate with Animal Spirits???  You may want to read

Reach for the moon with Llewellyn Books

 Animal Speaks      By Ted Andrews
I highly recommend this book if you are seeking your pathway with Life and Divination.

Do you want to get messages with Divination Cards??
Check out this deck Reach for the moon with Llewellyn

you will be directed to my favorite book store...just remember to come back!!!!

Want authentic Native American handcrafted items 

Check out the following links-

Rawhide Lamp Shades & Indian Drums Mission Del Rey - Native American Southwest Decor

Pueblo Direct - A Native American Artist Gallery and store

An inspiring site which I feature some of the artists  artifacts in my store. Visit their jewelry and pottery pages for the most beautiful pieces.


 For those who live in Upstate NY and if your are really looking for authentic Native American crafts and beautiful turquoise jewelry please take a day trip to

     they have no web site...just call or map quest for directions



Looking for more Native American information?

Perhaps about smudging, vision quests, or  just following your indigenous roots. 
If we all are to learn how to walk the Red Road, to find the sacred hoop, to value self and spirit, than we must all work together as one.

this Circle Group is beautifully structured to help you find your native roots...



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